Capcom recently released a bunch of new screenshots for one of the PlayStation Vita’s upcoming launch titles, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The new images show a sample of the exclusive Gold Herald color options that are available through costume sharing with the Vita’s NEAR feature. You are also getting a look at just how good the game looks on the portable platform.

The Vita version has everything the console releases have, while also having a few notable new features included on the platform. It should be no surprise that it has a touch screen control scheme, but being able to use the Vita as a controller to play the PS3 version is certainly a treat. The Heroes & Heralds mode will be available at launch, as well as the Spectator Mode, but the Replay option will enable you to download and analyze replay data. Owners of the PS3 version will be happy to know the DLC downloaded for the console version can also be used on the Vita version at no extra charge.

With just a couple of weeks left until launch, UMvC3 is really shaping up to be a viable fighting game option on the PlayStation Vita. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are available now, and the PS Vita version will be available when the Vita First Edition bundle launches on February 15, 2012. Check out the latest screenshots below.