Zoo Games revealed today, on the Playstation Blog, that Auditorium, a popular music puzzle game originally from developer Cipher Prime, is making the jump to the Playstation 3. This new PSN version will contain the original 72 levels and the all-new Auditorium Modern, a PSN exclusive additional 78 levels and music.  It will also now feature stereoscopic 3D support as well as the option to play the game with full Move support, allowing gamers to use a single Move controller to guide the Flow, instead of the traditional left analog stick and shoulder buttons.

Auditorium is a game where players guide a constant stream of light and sound particles into specific areas, creating music and the in-game soundtrack. Combine this with the softly changing graphics on-screen, and you’ve got an experience that could certainly be a nice break from the twitchy reaction timing of something like a FPS game. Auditorium is scheduled for release on November 23, 2010 for $9.99. Until then, enjoy some more screenshots below :

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