Resident Evil 6 Screen 7 A teaser site popped up on the internet last week with nothing more than lines like “The End is Near”, much speculation hinted at the site being for Resident Evil 6, and a few days ago that exact thing was confirmed. Capcom unveiled the game to be a new full-fledged Resident Evil title, and released a lengthy and pretty awesome announcement trailer to accompany it.

Resident Evil 6 looks to involve both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield as primary characters 10 years after the events of Raccoon City. The world starts to come under multiple bioterrorist attacks and must unite in one common goal to survive. Head over to the official website for a full synopsis of the story.

In addition Kotaku noticed a listing on that showed Resident Evil 6 having 6-player co-op and 8-player multiplayer. The listing has since been taken down, but considering Raccoon City’s release in a few months, multiplayer wouldn’t be out of the question for the new flagship title in the series.

Check out the announcement trailer below, which states the game releases on November 20th, 2012. It certainly is a good year to be a Resident Evil Fan, with Revelations releasing on February 7th, Raccoon City on March 20th, a new live action film, and Resident Evil 6 later in the year.

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