Konami just released a bunch of new screenshots for their upcoming physics-based puzzle game Puddle. In them, gamers get a taste of the courses that will be available to play in the downloadable title. The game features challenges where players attempt to avoid heat beams and rays of electricity, carefully handle radioactive substances, maneuver rocket fuel on a blueprint, and follow consumed water as it flows through a human body. If that’s not enough to spark your excitement, Konami also announced that the title will be available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade on January 25th and on the PlayStation Network on January 31st in North America.

Puddle began as a student project, by six attendees of the video game school ENJMIN, that won a Student Showcase prize at the Independent Gaming Festival at GDC 2010. It was later picked up and developed by Neko Entertainment that now have the publishing support from Konami for its XBLA and PSN release. Check out the new screenshots below: