Wii users rejoice! The highly sought after, acclaimed RPG for the Wii is finally shipping to western shores. After being announced years ago, Xenoblade Chronicles only saw a Japanese release with a European one as well more recently. But fans have been disappointed by no word on an American release for far too long, until now.

Earlier, a screen capture was released on a forum post on NeoGaf from Gamestop, listing Xenoblade for release on April 13th as a store exclusive. Of course this couldn’t be completely believed until Nintendo of America came out and officially confirmed the western release. Having received fairly high critical acclaim, fans had been clamoring for the game to be localized and it looks like we finally got what we wanted.

Although the date is listed as April 13th, it has been unconfirmed if that’s a solid release date. However Xenoblade Chronicles will be available in early 2012 exclusively at Gamestop and through Nintendo’s website for $49.99.

I know I’m personally super excited that Xenoblade Chronicles is finally coming over here. Anyone else share the sentiment?

And here’s the first US trailer for the game.