It’s no yolk!!

Okay, so maybe this is just me who’s excited about this, but Codemasters recently published a cryptic looking website ( which at the time displayed a half-closed egg carton with a pair of eyes peering out of it and the large, recognisable lettering above it stating “GUESS WHOS BACK.”

This could only be the by-gone star of the Codemasters and The Oliver Twis’ fan-favourite franchise, Dizzy!

For those of you amongst us who don’t know who or what Dizzy is, I’ll explain – Dizzy was a series of video games which dominated the 80’s in Europe, (back when video games came on cassette tapes and DRM was a case of breaking that little plastic tab off of the tape to stop people copying it) it featured a giant egg who wore bright red shoes and equally bright red boxing gloves and travelled around different lands battling the evil wizard Zaks and usually rescuing his girlfriend Daisy and saving the rest of his family (The Yolk Folk) from certain peril. As well as occasionally drowning and getting eaten by rats and dragons (these games were not easy)

The following day, Codemasters revealed that a new Dizzy game would be available on iOS on ‘Egg-mergence Day’ the 9th of December entitled “Dizzy – Prince of the Yolk Folk” now even though this is a remake of a previous Dizzy title this is nevertheless egg-citing stuff! (sorry, I’ll stop now)

The official website for the new Dizzy game can be found here –


Teaser Trailer: