FAERY: Legends of Avalon is a light RPG for XBLA.  Now, when I say a light RPG it is light compared to a Final Fantasy, but as far as I am aware, it is the most in depth RPG you will find on XBLA.  This RPG is much more advanced than the previous RPG I reviewed on, XBLA, Costume Quest, though it does not have the same charm that Costume Quest had, it is still a pretty good game and I would recommend it to RPG fans.

In FAERY you control just that, a Faery.  This character is completely customizable; from picking a male or female lead character, to what color skin, hair and eyes you want.  Your character  flies throughout all of the games levels, there is actually no walking at all, just flying.  When you first start the game you are tasked with finding party members to help you on your quest.  Your party can consist of 3 people total, but you can easily swap who is in your party in any zone.  That’s right, you get many different characters to choose from to fill your party, six to be exact.  Each character has unique moves, and when they learn a new move, you get two pick between the two possible choices for them.  Your main character is a lot more customizable with his/her fighting skills.  As you level up you get skill points that you can put towards new moves or abilities.  As you unlock more skill points you have to choose if you want to upgrade skills you already unlocked, or if you want to spend them on unlocking new skills and abilities.  I choose to unlock all the abilities first, and then upgraded my main magic attack.  The game has 3 difficulty settings, I played it on the default, medium, and never died once.

The fights are your generic  turn by turn battles that are common in most JRPG’s.  The only big difference here is that as the game progress’ you have three attack options per person, per turn.  This sounds a bit confusing when I write it out, so I will explain how this works.  During your attack you can choose just to melee attack three times with the same character on his turn, to the same enemy, or 3 different enemies.  You can also choose to do a more powerful attack, but this attack will take up two slots, so now you get one powerful attack and one smaller attack.  Lastly, there are really powerful attacks that take up all 3 attack slots, but usually do an AoE attack to the group of enemies.

There are a total of 4 worlds to explore in the game, but the first world, Avalon, is really just a hub world with only a handful of quests to complete.   If you decide to do all the sides quests in the game you should get about 6 hours out of the game.  Since you are a Faery real world items are very big compared to you, to put this to scale, your character is smaller then an ant.  The first world you travel to is YGGDRASIL , which consists of 1 giant tree.  All the quests in this zone can be found around the base of this tree, or in the tree branches themselves.  The second level, The Flying Dutch, consist of a ghost ship.  This was my least favorite level, mostly because it was so dark, and there was no way to turn the brightness up in the game, also this level was laid out horizontally, which I think was a bad decision for a game centered around flying. While playing this level I had to turn the brightness up on my television, just so I could see where I was going in the world.  The final level, The City of Mirages, is a small city, on the back of a scarab that is walking through the desert.  This level was the most enjoyable for me, it was very bright, and the storyline played out well.  The achievements will also come fairly easy, as long as you complete all the side missions, you will get all the achievements without any problems.

The quests you complete in game range from killing certain enemies, to gathering items.  None of the quests really bring anything new to the RPG realm.  Some of the more simpler quests just have you talking to NPC’s, and when talking to them you sometimes have two choices, a good (blue) choice or an evil (red) choice.  NPC’s will start to love you or hate you depending on what option you pick, and their dialogue will also change up according to how you answered their questions.  What affect this has to the game, I have no idea, since it never really explains it, and no one ever fell in love with me.   I feel that this option was thrown in just to make it look like the game offered more options, and to make it seem that your choices have more of an impact.

The end of the game is very uneventful.  There is no big boss to battle, but there is one big choice, which I won’t spoil and after this choice the words “To be continued…” scroll across the screen.  I personally would like to see a sequel, as long as they tweak the flying mechanics, and make sure the levels are perpendicular, and not horizontal and dark like The Flying Dutch level.

Overall FAERY: Legends of Avalon was a very solid RPG.  It has a few problems with level design, painful controlls at times, no voice acting, and the fact there is no map, but if you put these issue aside, at the core there is a pretty solid RPG.  If you are a fan of RPG’s I would give the demo a shot, and decide after that, since the demo is a pretty good demo of what the full game is like.

Enjoy the launch trailer below:

Title : FAERY: Legends of Avalon
Format : Xbox 360
* Developer : Spiders
Publisher : Focus Home Interactive
Release Date : 11/10/10

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Avaliable now on XBLA for 1200 MSP, and avaliable for PSN in December.

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