The Missing Link is the first piece of DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and it surprisingly turns out to be a decently long piece of content that adds an engaging new bit of story into Human Revolution.

If you didn’t already know the circumstances of The Missing Link, the DLC fills in a three day period during the main story of the game. During this period, Adam Jensen vanishes from contact, waking up to find himself on a cargo ship and eventually a research site in the middle of the ocean where where a dark secret is held. Without spoiling anything, The Missing Link is tied directly to the main story of Human Revolution and finds Jensen captured and tortured needing to find answers.

The DLC brings you to two new locations, the cramped quarters of the cargo ship and then later a research site in the middle of the ocean. The research site opens things up a little bit and has some exportability to it. Once you step out onto the cargo ship’s deck, you can see the graphical power that Deus Ex has to bear, it’s just a shame that the research facility couldn’t be as good of a change in scenery as well.

If you’ve played Human Revolution you won’t find anything new here in terms of gameplay. However, The Missing Link shows off the multiple approach style of gameplay that Deus Ex has perfectly. The cargo ship and research site are both rife with different approaches to moving forward and getting past enemies. The main difference here however is that there is a serious concentration on stealth.

When the DLC starts, Jensen finds all of his augmentation switched off, and from there you choose to rebuild him according to your style of play. This makes the very beginning of the DLC tense; Jensen is weak and you have no equipment, forcing you to go stealth for the first bit of gameplay. Even later on, it’s abundantly clear that choosing stealth rather than a direct approach is the best way to progress forward. This isn’t much of a problem though; because the situations that The Missing Link puts you in turn out to be somewhat difficult at times. Every time you need to get past a group of enemies you’re going to need to proceed carefully, take them out one by one or sneak through one step at a time.

Quests play out just like they do in Human Revolution, and there are actually a few side-quests you can undertake that will add a bit of time onto your experience. In total, The Missing Link should take you anywhere from four to seven hours depending on how much you do and what difficulty you play on.

There are a handful of new achievements that you can nab as well, some of which are actually pretty difficult to get. One thing that makes things just a bit tedious at times though is the full body scan rooms. These basically function as loading points, but it can get a bit annoying when you need to go through them a few times.

Gameplay is a high point here, just like the original game, the different paths you can take add a bit of variety and choice into things. With this DLC though, it’s really going to be the intriguing story that pulls you along, and fans of Deus Ex shouldn’t be disappointed. Many people might find no reason to replay The Missing Link after they have beaten it, but regardless, it’s still above most DLC offerings. The $15 price point might be a bit too high for some people, but Deus Ex: The Missing Link is a great DLC offering that gives you a fresh experience in the world of Human Revolution.

TitleDeus Ex: Human Revolution- The Missing Link
Format : Xbox 360, PS3, PC
DeveloperEidos Montreal
Publisher : Square Enix
Release Date : 10/17/2011

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