ezio in soulcalibur 5
Soulcalibur has had its share of guest characters in the past. On Xbox, you had Spawn, PS2 got Heihachi, and on gamecube was the fan favorite Link. Now with the Star Wars guest characters in the previous game, it seems like no guest characters could be out of bounds.  Joystiq received this picture from an anonymous source showing Ezio as a playable character in the upcoming Soulcalibur V which will release early next year. The next day Namco Bandai confirmed this rumor by releasing a brand new trailer. Ezio looks like a perfect fit for the series, much more than Darth Vader or Yoda and he, as well as his equipment, looks to be faithfully recreated in the fighting game. Here’s the trailer:

In addition to announcing Ezio, there were also a few other characters announced as well. Dampierre from the PSP game (who will only be a pre-order bonus), Nightmare, Raphael, and a brand new character named Leixia.

Soul Calibur V will be arriving a bit earlier than expected, since the release date was revealed to be January 31st 2012.