Yes, you did read that right, but hold on before you start protesting in anger, and finish reading this story. It’s long been rumored that Mass Effect would be receiving some form of multiplayer, and an Australian gaming magazine called PC Powerplay has finally confirmed the rumor.

Details were scarce at first, but a forum post on Bioware’s forums finally provided some details on the multiplayer mode. The mode will be a four player co-op mode called “Galaxy at War”. In this mode, players will take control of normal soldiers, of various races and classes. In these missions, your objective is to take control from the Reapers of certain areas throughout the galaxy.

The mode will directly affect certain aspects of the main story, although (this is important) you do not need to play the co-op in order to get the full single player experience. Co-op is just one way of achieving the best ending in the game, but you can still achieve the best ending by just playing the single player game.

Later, Bioware released an interview with creative director Casey Hudson, talking about the new mode. Bioware seems pretty confident in their new co-op mode, it is impressive that they’ve been creating a new team just for multiplayer ventures. Go ahead and check out the interview below.