Some of you may remember when I Am Alive was announced back at E3 in 2008. The game had an interesting premise, pitting you as the survivor of an earthquake in a post-apocalyptic city, trying to save yourself. After popping up on the ESRB’s rating site a few days ago, Ubisoft felt it was finally time to release a trailer for the long stagnant game.

The main character, Adam Collins, finds himself in a destroyed world after an earthquake. Here he must save himself, as well as his wife and daughter. In the trailer, we can see that while Adam can use a multitude of weapons, the wiser course sometimes, is to retreat. Ubisoft has said that there is an emphasis on psychology in I Am Alive, with some enemies retreating at the mere site of a gun– even if it is an empty gun.

Director of marketing at Ubisoft Adam Novickas states, “We know people have been waiting for this game to arrive, and we believe it’s going to be worth the wait. I Am Alive presents a unique take on the post-apocalyptic, survival genre by creating more complex and emotional situations for the player. Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network are the perfect platforms to leverage the mature and challenging experiences of the game.”

I Am Alive will be available at some point this holiday season on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. Meanwhile, enjoy the new trailer below:

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