Here we are people! The finish line! The final post in my UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Music Here* Challenge.

Just over a month ago, I was privileged enough to receive a copy of UFC Personal Trainer from THQ with the understanding that I wanted to present a full testimonial based series of articles to show my progress throughout the allocated training period. I decided to choose the 30 Day Challenge and chose the ‘Cut Fat’ sub-option as I thought it would coincide nicely with going to the Eurogamer Expo in London just after the training had finished.

So let’s crack on with the final chapter in my UFC Training excursion!

Whilst performing my usual routines this week, I noticed that I was more than happy to add more exercises to my routine. I even ventured into the previously unexplored territory of the Tire Lift activity, where you essentially stand with your feet shoulder width apart, squat and make the motions as if you are lifting a large truck tire and this is reflected on screen. I’ll admit this did not really do much for my legs as they were already suitably warm and exercised from the previous workouts during the week but for people looking for a leg exclusive workout that would be pretty effective.

UFC Personal Trainer
It was refreshing to have a clear goal in mind when continuing my training during the final week. As with any structured exercise programme, it is sometimes very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and forget what you are working towards. I think that in hindsight, this may have happened to me at roughly the Day 18 mark but closing in on the end of the UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Music Here* Challenge bought new heights of euphoria to my routines and a renewed sense of satisfaction.

Working with both Javier and Greg through my final days was much the same as the previous days. There were the obligatory arm circles as part of the warm up session, the normal exercises which included V-Lifts, Leg Lifts, Leg Waves, Jumping Jacks, Star Jumps, Squats, Bicep Curls, Arnold Lifts and more.

UFC Personal Trainer
The exercises seemed to have more meaning however, by approaching the end of the regime, that had dominated my life for the last 30 days. I was determined to train twice as hard on the final week, almost as if I were trying to impress the Kinect in some way by giving that extra percent in my training.


In conclusion, the UFC Personal Trainer does a lot of things right. It’s just unfortunate that the things it does not do right stick out, such as the booing if you fail an exercise, this – as I mentioned in my previous article – is not motivational in the slightest and made it difficult for me to continue that day.

Another personal gripe was the fact that at times, it was very difficult for the Kinect sensor to see me at all, which may or may not be down to my room setup, but I’m slightly bias against that methodology, as most times I would end my UFC training session and start playing Fruit Ninja Kinect, which had no problem recognising my motions or my position in the room. That flow-breaking moment when you switch from a standing exercise to an exercise on the floor, and you (if you have a medium sized playing area like me) have to either manually change the Kinects angle using the Kinect Tuner or physically move it with your hand which gives off a sickening ‘crunch’ when you do.

As I mentioned however, the UFC Personal Trainer does accomplish many of its goals. I actually feel like I want to carry on my UFC Training after my set routine was complete, which is usually more than I can say for my visits to the local gym! I am also very interested in further exploring the other training options such as the Custom Exercise creator and some of the general Workouts with the different UFC trainers.

THQ’s UFC Personal Trainer is a very good product. It’s by far the best exercise I have gotten on Kinect since my first ‘accidental’ four hour session on the Kinect and Kinect Adventures release date, which culminated in me being unable to walk the next day. However, if you are expecting to go out, purchase this title and have it do all the optimisation work for you, you may be disappointed. UFC Personal Trainer is a game which you must work with in order to maximise its results. It’s a powerful tool which I will continue to use in the future (possibly even to replace my gym membership altogether) because I feel that I can mould the different aspects of the game to suit myself. Adding aspects (my own music, custom exercise programs) and taking things away (the somewhat repetitive lines of dialogue, exercises I am unable to complete) in order to make it my UFC Personal Trainer.

UFC Personal Trainer will not shout at you if you get an exercise wrong. Conversely, it will not yell believable encouragement at you, but it does work, and it’s the best working physical fitness game I have seen to date.

My final results are as follows:

Day 30 Measurements