Almost there people, this is the home straight! I can see the finish line, the end point of my 30 Day UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Music Here* Challenge is in sight and with it, I dawn day 25 with a surprise, a new trainer!

UFC Personal Trainer
Yes, that’s right! After almost a month of training with my digital wingman, Greg Jackson, I loaded up THQ’s UFC Personal Trainer on one of my last days to be presented with a new trainer.

The day started regularly enough, I started up UFC Personal Trainer; went for my normal routine of holding my resistance weights and performing five minutes on the punch bag, then after my Warmup session with my old digital friend Greg, I was shocked to find a stranger standing in front of me, none other than Javier Mendez, UFC Trainer and championship kick boxer leading me into my first exercise. I was so stunned I had to turn my music down in order to ascertain whether or not Mr Mendez was a carbon copy of Greg Jackson but with a different voice and whilst Javier seemed somewhat more enthusiastic than Greg, he still seemed to have the same few lines of dialogue which almost mirrored Greg Jackson.

In the end, this change was neither a delight nor a deal breaker for me, whilst the physical difference was a nice change of pace it made no real difference to my training and I soon found myself turning the sound on my TV down, and my own music up once again.

UFC Personal Trainer Screen 2
With the inclusion of a new trainer, I had hoped that my training was going to be brought to a new level for a last ‘sprint to the finish line’ but unfortunately besides the new version of ‘hitting the mitts’ which included the use of my knees, nothing else had really changed.

Now it’s confession time folks, unfortunately over the last week or so I have been indulging in some ‘not great for me’ food which has resulted in me gaining weight but whilst this is the case, I am not about to blame the UFC Trainer. I can still see an improvement on my arms and legs, my clothes (whilst bulging slightly at the stomach after this week) still fit well and I still have more energy during the day.

However, considering my slightly neglectful nature towards my diet recently, the measurements have not changed that much, as you can see here:

Day 25