Eurogamer Expo 2011

Day Three is here ladies and gentlemen! My final day of covering the Eurogamer Expo 2011, and it’s been an emotional and exciting ride thus far. Let’s see what Day Three has in store for me!

Mass Effect 3

Taking full advantage of my press pass, I jumped straight onto Mass Effect 3with the dawn of Day Three of the Eurogamer Expo.

Mass Effect 3
Taking control of the box cover Commander Shepard, I led a team of myself, and Liara through a research facility where Mordin Solace was working with a female Krogan about the continuation of the Krogan Species. Moving through the demo I couldn’t help but notice that there were a number of ‘broken edges’ to the graphics and the general ‘debug feel’ of the demo slightly put me off, but it was enjoyable to take control of the Commander once again and move through another Mass Effect game. The ME series has always been an enjoyable experience and this game is no exception. My one gripe about the game, at this point, is that it feels somewhat reminiscent of Gears of War with its set piece battles and chest high walls. It feels as though Bioware has turned an intergalactic space soap opera, which was the original Mass Effect, into a standard third person shooter with some RPG elements.

Rise of Nightmares

I have covered this game quite a lot in the past, and was extremely excited to play it! The demo started with a hammer house of horror-esque scene in which a victim gets a hand axe buried in his skull by an insane doctor, and the entire playthrough felt like a cross between The Evil Dead and Scooby Doo. But those are good things!

Rise of Nightmares
I was genuinely surprised how satisfying it felt to attack zombies with my bear hands. Especially with something like the Ice Saw to physically hack off limbs and appendages, like it’s going out of fashion. But then what would you expect from a Sega game which featured zombies? These are the same people who have perfected the House of the Dead series. This is their playground!

Moving in Rise of Nightmares is simple enough. You move one foot forward to move forward, backwards to move backwards, you block by holding your hands in front of you, and attack similar to playing Fruit Ninja Kinect, only with zombie nurses!!

Shadow of the Colossus HD

Shadow of the Colossus
I’m a bit of a sucker for a well made remake, even a HD remake which is essentially just slapping a new coat of paint on a video game. If it works, I’m on board with it.

Which is why I’d like to announce that Shadow of the Colossus HD on PS3 is a storming success. Faithfully recreated gameplay and controls (for better or worse) means that you are literally stepping into the previous incarnations of these titles, but with high definition graphics, a must for any fan!


An intriguing one, this is. I found myself getting accosted by a man in a gorilla costume halfway through Day Two, asking me to check out this title so, in exchange for a lovely little badge with a brain on it, I agreed that I would look at it.

Monstermind is a purely Facebook-based game which lets you create a town complete with buildings and weaponized defenses. It is then your friends’ job to crush this city with monsters from b-movies. Giant dinosaurs which strike a lawsuit-inducing resemblance to Godzilla and fifty-feet tall woman aim to trample your carefully built city, but fear not! Even though this all happens in real time and therefore you could easily log into Facebook one day to find your entire city trashed, you can easily rebuild it for little cost. Did I mention you can also set monsters on your friends’ cities? No, well you can unleash all the horrors of a monster movie onto their city too.

Monstermind seems like a very fun game and once the fallout of the Expo has settled I will definitely be loading it up on my Facebook profile. Montermind can be found right now by typing ‘Monstermind’ into your Facebook search bar.

Indie Arcade

With one of my main focuses for the Eurogamer Expo being to create some more content for my IndieGarden feature, I descended upon the Indie Arcade on Day Three.

Unfortunately, with the cramped confines of the Indie Arcade and the sheer number of people crammed into there, it was impossible for me to visit everybody I had planned to.

Whilst I will be saving the specifics of the announced games I played for my IndieGarden Eurogamer Special, I can highlight some of the titles I will happily talk about. One game which took me by surprise, Greedy Bankers rule the world.

Greedy Bankers is an iOS game which looks very crisp, clean and approachable. The main objective of the game is to earn a certain amount of money. To earn money, the players need to gather gems on their side of the (in this instance) iPad screen by dragging it with their fingers and tapping collected gems, almost like a manual version of Bejewelled. The trick is that you can steal gems from your opponents side also. This was a very fun and colorful iOS game. One of the few times I have genuinely enjoyed using an iPad

And there you have it, that’s it! The Eurogamer Expo 2011 is over for another year. My very first Expo has drawn to a close. It was a wonderful atmosphere throughout the entire weekend and very nice to put some names to a few of the Twitter faces I have known for a while now.

Same time next year? Oh, go on then!