Regular readers of my UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Here* Challenge will understand that I have had my ups and downs with the entire program so it is with a gleeful heart that I announce that nothing spectacular happened over the last five days!

You read that right, there was nothing extremely out of the ordinary. There were no moments of serious Kinect visibility frustration, no injuries, no reasons I could not accomplish my exercises (work deadlines, etc.)

Continuing with my normal ‘Cut Fat’ routine, this week I persevered with my already established tradition of not only using my resistance weights but also starting my workout session with a 5 minute round on the Freestyle Punch Bag. This really warmed up my arms and some of my core muscles and I’m inclined to believe that this is the reason my arms are gaining more mass as the weeks continue.

With both my Punch Bag and Warm Up session complete, I moved into my regular workout sessions. The tried and tested Greg Jackson providing me with what I assume to be his five lines of motivational commentary as I continued my workout, my own choice of ‘workout’ music, consisting mainly of heavy metal and chip music…again, Google it if you don’t know, drowning him out. The only downside to this approach is that you have to keep an eye on the screen, at most times, as you are unaware if you are completing the exercises correctly without the helpful little ‘ba-ding’ that UFC Personal Trainer provides to signify a successful rep, but I moved forward with the understanding that by this point, I knew how to do most of the exercises.

Pleasingly, I discovered I only had any issues with one of the exercises and that was my arch nemesis, the Leg Waves. As I have previously mentioned, due to a longstanding issue with my hamstring muscles, I am unable to correctly complete the Leg Wave exercises that have been put forward by UFC Personal Trainer. An exercise which asks you to lie flat on the ground, raise your legs (holding them straight) at a 25 degree angle, and trace a U shape with your feet. In one of my previous issues of the UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Here* Challenge, I mentioned how I attempted to perform these exercises and subsequently lost a bit of faith in the program due to being booed by the game. This time was completely the same with me successfully completing roughly half of the exercises before the timer counted down to zero, prompting another round of jeers and booing. Fortunately, I could not hear it this time, due to the aforementioned music and as such, it had no detrimental effect on my motivation. I simply sat there waiting for my next exercise.

After the full routine, which included the basic exercises featured so far, such as Jumping Jacks,UFC Personal Trainer Push Ups, Twisting Crunches (which, as I have not explained before, is a basic crunch performed on the floor whilst punching to your opposite side) Bicep Curls, Arnold Presses, Front Rises and more Leg Lifts and V Lifts. I felt good, but I still felt like I was missing something, so I turned my attention to the punching bag again, participating in another full five minutes of rigorous training, only having to put my resistance weights down roughly halfway through due to my arms physically trembling.

I have noticed throughout this program, that you need to mould the game around your own needs. If you feel you need to exercise more after your initial routine, then you need to push yourself to choose other options, which for some would be more than enough reason to stop where they are.

With all this being said folks, I could not help but feel somewhat disjointed by this past five days with my UFC Trainer. With no points of extremity for either a good experience or a bad one, there were no high points during this week. I felt normal throughout my training. The ‘gym high’ that I was getting from my previous exercise weeks had gone. Hopefully this is merely an indication that I need to increase my training program. Stay Tuned!

Day 20