At TGS this year, 343 Industries announced that they will be adding the fan-favorite Halo 2 map Headlong to Halo Anniversary. The direct description from Microsoft follows:

Headlong – Section 21 once looked out onto the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator with pride and optimism. Now, with much of the city eviscerated by the Covenant’s brutal assault, the skyline remains only a shattered ghost of what it once was. Headlong provides a large, skyscraper-hemmed construction site with numerous vantage points for clever snipers as well as a large central basin for excellent vehicle combat. (8 – 16 players)

In addition to showing off the Headlong map, 343 also showed off “Pillar of Autumn” the first level of the original Halo, with all its shiny new bells and whistles.  It was also mentioned that certain fixes would be made to multiplayer, such as “balancing armor abilities like Armor Lock and Active Camo.”

Halo Anniversary will release on November 15th, but on October 4th beta maps for Anniversary will go live on Halo Reach, available to all players with Xbox LIVE Gold. Check out the video and screens below: