Recently in Tokyo, Nintendo held their conference for the Tokyo Game Show. News was packed into the conference which flew by, and most of the news ended up being for the 3DS. New information and release dates were given on games, new games were announced, and a new color was even announced for the 3DS.

Mario Kart 7
All right, to start out with some brand new details were given on Mario Kart 7, two new power-ups will be making their way into the game. One of them will turn your character into metal like Metal Mario from Mario 64, and footage even showed characters using the power-up while they were flying. The other power-up appears to be the Fire Flower from the series, although how exactly it functions is still unknown. In addition, Mario Kart 7 will get a brand new racer to join the group. This time around, Lakitu will actually take part in races, using his cloud as a kart. Finally, a new first person mode that will use the gyroscope to steer was announced. A new trailer for Super Mario 3D Land didn’t show off much new, but did show that the game is calling back on Mario’s history, with the prime example still being the Tanooki suit. Both games were given a Japan release date, with Super Mario 3D Land coming on November 3rd and Mario Kart 7 following on December 7th. North American release dates are expected to come out soon. One more game was given a release window, with Nintendo announcing that Kid Icarus will land in January of 2012, at least in Japan.

Pink 3DS
Multiple new games were announced for the 3DS at the conference as well.  Monster Hunter 4 was announced for the system, although it wasn’t announced if it would be an exclusive. A new Mario Tennis for the 3DS was briefly skimmed over during the conference, with a gyroscope mode and set to release sometime in 2012. Square Enix announced a new game with yet another puzzling title. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy was briefly shown and no information is really known at this point other than that the game will utilize the augmented reality features. Finally, and most exciting of all, Nintendo announced that a brand new Fire Emblem is being made for the 3DS. Details for the newest entry in this overlooked series are scarce, but it will introduce two player co-op for the series.

Smaller announcements include some firmware updates that will allow you to make 3D videos with the 3DS camera, improve the e-shop, and add an update for the Mii Plaza. According to Nintendo, most 3DS players are male, and the company announced how they planned to get more women to play. That’s with a pink 3DS, yep that’s right. The new color will be out on October 20th in Japan but no international release was announced.