With my previous experience of being booed at by UFC Personal Trainer for failing to complete a set of Leg Waves, which I had had some trouble with in the past, I was greatly disheartened and my motivation to continue was shaken.

UFC Personal Trainer Screen 7
Ever the professional, however, I resolved to continue with my training. I decided that the game’s lack of what I would consider ‘exercise’ music needed to be rectified, so using the Select Music option on my Xbox 360, I selected my music of choice and loaded up UFC Personal Trainer for Day Fifteen of the Mike’s UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Here* Challenge.

I’m halfway through the UFC Challenge and I have to admit, there have been peaks and troughs throughout this experience, but so far I have felt the benefits more than the minuses. I feel a lot more active and awake through the day, my clothes are fitting better, I generally feel better about myself, and I’m earning Gamerscore. So the system works so far, right?

I feel that I have had to customize my experience to best suit my training style by adding resistance weights, my own music, and adding extra exercises after my program. All of these things deviate from the ‘set’ program that I chose at the beginning. This is by no means a bad thing, but I’m sure THQ would encourage people to use UFC Personal Trainer to best suit their needs.

Day 11 arrived and after completing my general warm up routine (which is still exactly the same since I first started in both exercisesufc personal trainer screen 6 and length) I was surprised to find that the exercises are altered slightly. Today was not a day to start my exercises with some lower body work, but rather a session on the freestyle punch bag.

Refreshingly surprised, I attacked the punch bag for the full time limit of two minutes. Having not used my resistance weights made it very easy to throw quick and precise punches and hooks, a skill I never even realized I had and will probably never need.

Day 11 ended with the obligatory Cool down session and I moved onto Day 12 when DISASTER STRUCK!

There I was readers, minding my own business, performing Side Lunges, which as I’m sure you can imagine are your stereotypical lunge maneuver but performed to the side, when near the end of the session I felt a ‘pop’ sensation in my right calf. There was no sensation of pain, just an uncomfortable, slight swelling sensation.

I decided at this point to possibly avoid my right leg during my other lower body workouts to reduce the risk of serious injury. After Day 12 had passed, I awoke to a painful sensation when I tensed my right calf. I knew instantly that I had injured myself. I knew the RICE procedure of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, so Day 13 was a day I decided to change my program on UFC Personal Trainer. I had decided that I did not want to miss a training day so I loaded up the game, and instead of completing my regular workout, I chose to create a custom set of exercises, which focused mainly on upper body workout with no intense lower body movement or cardio, such as Jumping Jacks or Skipping Rope. Fortunately, this greatly aided in my recovery, and after Day 14 had passed, I was able to move back into my regular routine of pre-made workouts.

Unfortunately, the two days I had missed due to injury had been marked down on my exercise calendar as ‘Missed’. Even though I had performed other exercises, I could not blame the game for this, but an option to mark the calendar myself as ‘Complete’ would have been preferable.