The seemingly easy transition from Day Five to Day Ten should have gone without incident, unfortunately, as a video games journalist, things are never as they seem.

Moving forward with the Mike’s UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Here* Challenge I was once again feeling “just warm” after my workout program so I have continued to use the freestyle punch bag activity apart from on Day Six. It was on this day that I started to use the punch bag with my resistance weights in my hands. This really worked out my arms and shoulders and whilst I would not suggest it with anything heavier than a 1.5kg weight per hand unless you are familiar with this kind of exercise, if like myself you are feeling you need more exercise after your workout then this approach might be right for you. (Obviously, before starting any exercise like this, consult your doctor first)

As mentioned above, life as a video games journalist is rarely quiet and I found myself with a number of writing assignments to complete whilst participating with this challenge. Unfortunately, this meant I had to miss Day Seven and after that Day Eight was an “off day”. It’s strange, I really felt like I’d cheated the game somehow by missing two days of training. I was expecting a stern video montage from one of the UFC trainers or at least a verbal slap on the wrist from Greg, but nothing apart from a simple “Please don’t make a habit of this” message appeared when starting my regular exercises.

Moving forward to Day Nine I discovered that the “Leg Waves” were once again included in my set routine. This was unfortunate as Iufc had honestly thought that the game had learned my choices from my previous incident with them.

However, I decided that the only way I was going to get around the Leg Waves was to conquer them. So with my leg muscles suitably warm, I started following Greg’s sage advice…this may have been a mistake on my part.

I was holding (bearly mind you) my legs at a 25 degree angle and swinging them slowly in a U shape. I felt good, my legs and abs didn’t think so, but I felt triumphant. It was like the sensation of euphoria you achieve defeating a boss on a video game you have been stuck on for days. My legs swung side to side, my abdomen burned as if an infant Xenomorph was trying to burrow its way through me to celebrate it’s birth. My mind went blank, and all I could feel was my abs burning. It was at this moment that I was presented with the ticking of the countdown clock to signal that the exercise time limit was drawing near. Shocked, I looked over at the TV and realized to my horror that out of the set of 13 Leg Waves which I was certain I was doing correctly, the game had only recognized 2 of them and I had only 4 seconds to complete the rest of the set, there was no hope, my legs fell to the floor and the countdown reached zero.

Now, I’m not exactly sure how the rest of the world exercises, I know I have only ever had a real personal trainer once but I can guarantee that if they had booed me like UFC Personal Trainer had after I failed to perform an exercise, I’d have asked for a refund from my gym. Booing is not motivational! It’s disheartening and frankly, a little embarrassing. It reminded me of being the overweight kid in P.E. Class (that’s Gym Class for the overseas readers).

Disheartened, I genuinely found it difficult to finish my other two sets of exercises. I felt like my personal trainer had just blatantly insulted me. I had momentarily lost faith in both Greg Jackson and the UFC program.

With Day Ten dawning, I turned on my Xbox 360 and let my Kinect sensor recognize my position in the room. I found it genuinely difficult to even choose my normal exercise, not because of injury or tiredness, but because on that day, my UFC Personal Trainer exercise was no longer fun. It felt like exercise. I only hope that this changes in the coming weeks.

For those of you keeping score, my measurements and weight are as follows:

ufc day 10