Have you wanted something to tie the whole Assassins Creed series together? Something that gives you a deeper look into the combinement of Sci-Fi and history in Assassins Creed. Well Ubisoft just announced the perfect thing for you, the Assassins Creed Encyclopedia.

ac encyclopedia

This comprehensive encyclopedia ties together the historical fact and fiction that makes up this great series. The book, which is written by the series’ team of writers as well as select members from the community, gives a look at the universe of Assassins Creed and the final product is supposedly going to reveal some exclusive information.

I don’t know about you, but this announcement actually really excites me. I cant think of a better series to get an encompassing encyclopedia, and I hope it can help my mind tie together the already confusing plot of the games. Go ahead and check out the “Making Of” video below, and if you’re interested in ordering the encyclopedia go ahead and follow the link to the product page over at UbiWorkshop.