Continuing with the Mike Smith *Rocky Training Montage* UFC Challenge, my check in at Day Five comes with a few surprises…

After my apparent death and rebirth following the first two days of training, I found that, much like participating in a full workout at an actual gym, my body was getting used to the punishment I was mercilessly inflicting upon it. I wasn’t ‘feeling the burn’ as much as I was anymore, so I decided on Day Five to up my game a notch. After my initial t-shirt soaking workout, I participated in the Freestyle Punching Bag activity for the Advanced setting of 5 minutes. This, added on top of my normal workout, was more than enough to make me feel like I had achieved something today.


Personally speaking, I am finding that my regular workout is getting easier to maintain at this point. I’m hoping that by Day Ten, I will be participating in some completely new exercises for longer sets.

Some interesting points of note include that on Day Three, I was introduced to an exercise called the ‘Leg Wave’ which involved me lying flat on my back, lifting my legs at a roughly 22 degree angle, and swinging them in a ‘U’ shape. Unfortunately, I could not do this.

This is not because I was feeling especially lazy that day, but rather because I used to run a lot in my spare time when I was younger and as such, my hamstrings are so tight now that they are not able to completely straighten, thus making this exercise potentially dangerous to both my hips and my back. I was dismayed as I thought that this meant that the Xbox 360 would mark today as a failure. However, after skipping the exercise on both occasions, it appeared after completing the other more pedestrian routines that I earned that precious tick on my workout calendar.

Day Four arrived and whilst working through the warm up with Greg, I asked him if he was going to make meufc22 endure the shame of failing to perform a Lag Wave again today. Unfortunately, Greg is a digital representation of an actual UFC Trainer, and coupled with the fact that the Kinect seems to have substantial difficulties understanding even my basic commends, I had to take his answer of “You don’t want to work out cold muscles!” as a ‘maybe’.

Fortunately, there were no Leg Waves in my set today, which prompted the question, did UFC Personal Trainer understand that I could not perform that exercise and therefore excluded it from my future workouts? Or was this a happy accident? Unfortunately Greg didn’t know the answer to that question either so I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Day Five was also the day I decided to use resistance weights. Two weights in my hands, both at 1.75kg each.  This was partially because I was starting to feel ‘just warm’ after my entire workout and also because the exercises were moving into the “Bicep Curl” and “Arnold Press” which are both traditionally done with weights.

So far my weight and measurements have changed thusly:
As you can see, whilst there are signs of improvement across my body, the changes are small to minimal at the moment. Whilst it is true that after only five days I am not getting out of breath quite as quickly, which is good.