The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo has supposedly announced a conference out of Tokyo that focuses exclusively on the 3DS.

Scheduled only 2 days before the Tokyo Game Show, on the 13th of September, the show is not going to be open to the public. The Wall Street Journal says the show will only be open to, “analysts, investors, journalists, and people in the industry”.

No further details have been disclosed on what exactly the show will be about and what will appear there, but it seems obvious that this is part of the companies’ effort to revamp the 3DS. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see new games, functions, and services for the 3DS at the conference. There’s also a rumor floating around the internet about a significant redesign that’s in store for the 3DS, although at the moment it remains nothing more than a rumor.

Stay tuned trough September 13th for more news on the conference and the 3DS.