Portal is considered a flagship amongst Valve’s games, even though it was made by a small team at DigiPen led by Kim Swift, creative director on the game. Since she left Valve, she’s been hired at Airtight Games, who made last year’s Dark Void. Though the game didn’t quite live up to the expectations of reviewers, it explored new ideas that had potential. She will be debuting a new title that Square Enix will be publishing on downloadable platforms, although nothing else was yet revealed.

The only hints found are that on Airtight Games’ website, which states they are working on “another ambitious AAA title in a genre that is both unique and refreshingly unexplored as well as an exciting new mid sized game with all kinds of physical possibilities.” Sounds exciting, but only time and new announcements will tell exactly what they have coming up. Keep an eye out for upcoming PAX coverage this week.