By far the best game I’ve played this year followed by Demon’s Souls. This game carries the best of Red Dead Revolver and embraces a huge world and culture. Set in 1911 it takes a little different road then most other westerns. This is set in the years of the Dying West, the period modernization started. Things like cars and cities began to start sprouting up everywhere. This was a surprise to me but a welcomed one. The first thing I noticed about the game is how Rockstar has completely ditched that GTA Vice City style ‘I just kill people and have no emotional character’ and went with a more Niko Bellic guy. By this I mean he’s a person, don’t get me wrong I love Vice City and how Ray Liota played the main guy but that was just a shallow killer. As in GTA IV with Niko, John is actually a person. He has morals and a heart. That’s not to say you can’t go and murder people but in the story you learn about him and by the end of the game you will understand everything he went through and hopefully feel for him. I both loved and hated the ending.

I won’t spoil anything but I feel it fitted and I did see it coming. I have to say do not go in thinking this is a GTA game because I applaud Rockstar at making this game much more than a game but more of an experience. I noticed with GTA IV that they were starting to shift gears to a more cinematic story and presentation and this just does that even better. This games story isn’t original but it is done extremely well. The game is beautiful. I loved looking at the sky at night and seeing the stars and the moon on occasion. The vast green praries and the long canyons were awe inspiring. Everything just has that western feel to it but then it has the feel and look that it won’t last forever, that things are going to change. I actually prefer land to cities in actual life and I appreciated the vast areas and the lack of a mass of towns and cities. The gameplay is great it reminded me of GTA IV but better. The cover was smooth. The only thing I didn’t like, and it’s a PS3 thing, was that for PS3 to aim you use L2 and to fire R2.

Step away from the wagon please

For me on PS3 I look at it as L1 and R1 are the same as RT and LT on the 360 controller. In Red Dead  there is a ton of stuff to do. There is poker and blackjack, there are bounties to collect and horses to be broken. There’s just a lot to keep you playing. I just recently finished the game and am still on the challenges. The challenges are tiers of certain things like hunting and collecting herbs. I am almost done with the hunting one but I have to kill a bear with a knife, yeah right. So all in all this game will keep you going for a good 30+ hours. The other thing is the online modes. This is both an extremely awesome and disappointing part of the game. On one hand you got the free roam that allows you to either form a posse and work together or go kill other players. This all takes place in the same land as the main game, completely open to travel by all the players. There are hideouts to complete and challenges to do. It is fun to go fighting with a friend but that is all. There is no poker or all the other side mission stuff from the single player which is extremely upsetting as that would make online free roam a great deal more enjoyable.

There is also the competitive stuff like gang fights and such. I’m not much for those modes, though I loved team deathmatch in the open city on GTA IV, in Red Dead it doesn’t have the same appeal. I did however like the gold rush mode. I liked how you threw bags of gold over your shoulder and had to take it somewhere. One thing that completely baffles me is that there is no lawmen and bandits mode, cops and robbers. They had a cops and robbers mode in GTA IV and it was so much damn fun. The All for One mode was complete garbage because if the boss died it was game over, but One for All was every man for themselves and that was awesome. I don’t get why they don’t have it in here as this was a time of bounty hunters and wanted criminals so it fits rather well. The game has some sweet guns in it very western style but also has some more modern stuff like a Mauser which I thought was neat that they added since it is 1911 that it is a different age than it used to be. The horse system was nice; breaking horses is very cool and realistic though I wish you could sell them. It would be really cool to start a ranching empire. I also wish you could rob trains and take people wagons and sell their supplies.

The no train robbery in this is beyond me. That is one of, if not the most iconic western event that people know of. I mean you think of train robbery and you think the guys riding horses then jumping into the train from the cliff overhead and they got a man on board keeping the hostages in the seats while they rob the vault. Just imagine how much fun that would be in coop. I know there is a couple DLC packs coming but I doubt they’ll add that in it but hopefully people express a need for some of these things and add it. All I want is cops and robbers and train robbing. I want to mention the music as well. The main theme was kind of lame but the music throughout the game was great. It fit extremely well in the events and environment and when you are riding into the sunset on your Bronco it just all fits and works together. One other thing I wanted to say was about the infamous Rockstar myths that are in almost all the GTA games. I know there are a few in this like the werewolf but I’m sure these are all made up but damn it I want some real ones. I want mystery stuff and creepy stuff. There was one thing I found in the Tumbleweed chapel where it says ‘the devil is in that beast’ which is creepy.  Hope that there are some more cool ones. I want to stress how amazing the story’s presentation is and how good the ending is. I’m sure most of you have played this but if you haven’t its worth the 60 bucks. Go get it enjoy it and remember the West.

20 out of 10 Stars