Having made my initial choice of the 30-Day workout programs, my Cut Fat exercise regime was about to begin.

I am introduced to my personal coach, Greg Jackson, Legendary MMA Coach  and owner of the Jackson’s Submission Fighting and MMA training camp in New Mexico. He informs me that we are going to do some warm up exercises to get my muscles loose.

This consists of Shoulder Rolls, Jumping Jacks, standing on one leg (for balance apparently), Squats, and finally Lunges. This warmup was exactly that, warm! By the end of it my heart was indeed pumping and my fitness level was definitely called into question.

Unfortunately, I do not have what I would call an ‘active’ fitness regime, I have a standard desk job during the day and spend a lot of my spare time either playing video games or writing about them, none of which require much physical fitness.

The actual routine kicked in with a set of Leg Lifts, which sounded simple enough. Lay flat on my back and lift my legs up, then lower them, and repeat ten times. After doing this, however, I realized just how much my abdominal muscles were lacking as it felt like I had just ingested molten tar. My stomach muscles were burning that much.

Ever constant with his roughly five lines of motivational dialogue, Greg Jackson continued to attempt to drive me forward and despite one instance during my V-Lifts where I think I almost died, he didn’t do a terrible job. (V-Lifts, coincidentally, are where you lay flat on your back and literally bend at the hips into a giant sweaty V shape and touch your toes with your hands)


After completing the entire routine, my body burned, and my gym clothes knew a new meaning of ‘worn’.

Then Greg suggested we participate in a lengthy Cooldown procedure which, to both his and UFC’s credit, was surprisingly effective! Moving my tired and partially broken muscles slowly and controlling my breathing actually made me feel much better after the workout.

If you are considering getting UFC Personal Trainer but have had an injury in the past that you feel would impede you, never fear! I have had two injuries in the past, which I have been thinking about going into this challenge, so I shall report on these also and the exercise effect on them: (ask your doctor first before starting any exercise program)