If you were like me and bought your 3DS at launch, you were just a bit disappointed when Nintendo announced the price drop just a few short months later. Nintendo has a way of looking out for its fans though, and the 20 free games we get is good compensation for that $80. The games won’t be available for download until the beginning of September and some of them not until later in the year, but Nintendo has created a way for you check if you actually have been signed up for the Ambassador program.

You can follow the link here and input your 3DS serial number to check if you’ve been signed up. Just don’t forget to add the two letters at the beginning and the final number in the box. I put my serial number in and found I was confirmed as an ambassador. It is definitely nice to see a real confirmation that you’ve been entered into the program, even if you know you bought it at launch and went to the eShop before August 11th.