I open my eyes, my lungs feel like their full of battery acid and my body aches in places I had forgotten even existed! I blink my eyes, the sweat making them sting, and I feel my life ending, all energy ebbing away from my being…

“That’s the halfway point!” Greg Jackson shouts, abruptly cutting my dramatic death scene short, strangely motivated by these words I take a deep breath and finish my set of V-Lifts.

I stand, triumphant in my open defiance of exercised-based premature death only to notice that the screen displays a small message above the previous workouts statistical information.

The message reads “Exercise 3 of 14 completed” My heart sinks; I draw a number of deep breaths and prepare myself for the next exercise, certain that this next one will finish me off.

This, is UFC Personal Trainer 

When the Kinect first came out (originally named Project Natal) I was very excited by the prospect of full body controller interaction, anything that combined the inherent fun of gaming with the rewarding feeling of exercise was always going to be a winner in my book. So with the help of THQ, who very kindly provided me with a review copy of their latest title, UFC Personal Trainer, I have decided to take the 30-day challenge and document the effects of the workout and also my thoughts.

So welcome, formally to Mike Smith’s *insert Vince DiCola’s Rocky Training Montage here* UFC challenge!

Starting UFC Personal Trainer for the first time, I am immediately impressed by how clean the general user interface looks and feels. Now, this may sound silly me being a video games journalist and having played my fair share of games, it’s come to the point nowadays where the smaller touches in a game can really make the difference. A well-built menu system can have the same effect on a gamer as a new packet of disinfectant wipes to somebody with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Moving through the menus, I navigate my way to the pre-made workout programs. I select the 30-Day fitness program and, having already entered my height, weight, and age into the Kinect when the game loaded up, I select my preferred style of workout. My choices are Cut Fat, Build Strength, or Agility.  I hover my hand over Cut Fat and get ready…