Recently I’ve been chatting to a few people thinking about purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. Most of them are on the fence about it, pretty much saying the same thing: ‘I’m not going to buy one until Nintendo releases a new flame red version and lowers the price to $169.99′.

Well stone the crows, because they’ve gone and done exactly that. It’s almost like Nintendo can read the minds of the consumer. Or perhaps they announced a new color and price to the press, and I made up a story to fit around it. Believe what you want.

The new color launches Sept. 9 alongside the new Star Fox 64 3D game, and comes on the heels of a new $169.99 suggested retail price, which goes into effect Aug. 12 in the United States. Flame Red joins Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue, so now shoppers have three distinct and fashionable colors to choose from.

You can clearly see everyone’s much happier playing the flame red version in the below video: