Dead Island….what can be said about this game that hasn’t already been said?

From controversial logos (not that a hanging will overly bother a zombie) and the many accolades that have been bestowed upon the game before its even been released, Deep Silver has now announced a co-op trailer….seriously, what more could you want from a Zombie game?

Dead Island will be an open world based game from a first person perspective with a heavy emphasis on melee combat. There will also be customizable weaponry, vehicular customization and weaponization, and RPG elements.

The fact that this is now going to be a co-op game is a sterling addition by Deep Silver, that will make this game even better that it already looks. You might have guessed that I’m big on co-op, and you would most certainly be right. As a kid all, me and my friends wanted were to sit and play the games we loved, but as a team. As technology came along and the games got better, the more we wanted a good co-op game. That finally came about with Halo. Whether you’re a fan or not it has to be admitted that it was a game and generation changer when it comes to enjoying games with your friends.

Judging from the video, co-op for Dead Island is going to be awesome, I can’t think of anything better than tooling up with some friends and going on a zombie rampage!

I’m really looking forward to this, and if you love zombies (and lets be honest, who doesn’t) you’re going to love it too!

And remember, remove the head, or destroy the brain…..hopefully!

Now, check out the video below (if you dare):

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