Recently at EA’s Summer Showcase, Bioware revealed that Dragon Age II would be receiving a brand new story based dlc called Legacy. The story reportedly revolves around the Hawke family again, the father in particular who was absent from the entirety of the main game. Once again, Legacy encourages tactical team-based combat in order to bring down enemies. The dlc also unveils a new enemy that even the fabled Grey Wardens wont touch. A demo shown on stage showed the party going up against an enemy called a Guardian. The Guardian spawned clones which attack and distract the player. After the battle the guardian dropped five different weapon strengthening pillars, much like the essences in the fade in Origins. Each pillar offered a different weapon bonus, and whichever one you pick is taken back into the main game.

Legacy is set to launch on July 26th for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and MAC. Enjoy the trailer below.