The iOS App Store is true proving ground for games, like the older more mainstream game market, addictive and worthwhile titles drift alongside a sea of repetitive and choppy shovel-ware. Some titles shoot right to the top, like Angry Birds. Others glide to soaring heights, as is the case with Tiny Wings. Docked next to these new wave touch game classics, will Launching Pad Games’ Mighty Fin sink or swim?

The point of the game is simply: Both.

Scroll through the App Store and you’ll see that the games are largely inbred, but think about it from a developer’s standpoint, the gameplay mechanics that work float to the top while everything that doesn’t sinks to the bottom. That’s what Mighty Fin really shows.


The game is a near perfect marriage of Robot Unicorn Attack and Tiny Wings. Holding a finger on the screen will push the titular goldfish Fin deeper under the waves and towards the bottom of the screen, letting go of the screen will quickly bob back up out of the water. While you control the depth, Fin automatically swims through a scrolling seabed filled with point bubbles to collect and hazards to avoid.

There are 8 levels of increasing difficulty each with its own ocean themed motif to cruise through. After playing through each level an endless version of that stage is unlocked and Fin can collect several decorative costumes along the way.


The game’s art is bright and full of texture. Fin and his surroundings harbor a subtle construction paper charm that also graces the menu system. As for the music it’s what you would expect from an App Store game, an iconic theme and not much else.

Mighty Fin is the latest in a long line of touch screen gaming winners and holds its own next to the greats. With an addictive undertow it’s hard to put down, but don’t be afraid to dive right in.

Title : Mighty Fin
Format : iOS
Developer : Launching Pad Games
Publisher : Launching Pad Games
Release Date : 05/27/11

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*Launching Pad Games provided with a promo code for a review copy.