Marvel Pinball continues to be a success among ZEN Studios’ lineup of pinball titles, and with the latest table, Captain America is yet another way to enjoy the Marvel universe in the series. This table showcases Captain America in a classic World War II environment inspired by Ed Brubaker’s Captain America 65th Anniversary Special.  A condensed version of a comic book tale takes place in this DLC, as Cap and members of the Howling Commandos battle it out at Baron Zemo’s castle. Fans of the franchise will appreciate the opportunity to take on Zemo and his Death Ray, as well as barrels of the Adhesive X compound, before other smaller scenarios leading up to a confrontation with the Sleeper, and ultimately Red Skull. You will also work to rescue some of the Howling Commandos in between, but the mix keeps the table interesting.

Captain_America_table_screenshot006_800x450 The gameplay still feels as near to perfect as you could want, and the controls and ball physics simply create as realistic a pinball experience as you can get from a digital game, sans the 3D characters battling it out right there on the table, which would probably be pretty hard to create on an actual pinball table. The size of the table feels somewhat shorter in length than a true pinball table, but this actually makes the experience a little more enjoyable. Most of the ramps necessary to complete each of the ‘missions’ are relatively easy targets, but there are a few that can get a little tricky if you don’t hit the ball with precise timing. Besides that, the events are easily triggered and you might even find yourself waiting for something to happen, when the game is actually waiting for you to make a selection as to which battle you would like to ensue.

The visuals in Captain America are clean and crisp, and a joy to look at, much like the rest of the tables in Marvel Pinball. There are a few times where you may even forget you’re playing pinball, and not a turn-based brawler type game. There are a limited amount of characters that are featured in the table, which is nothing new for this series. The table features models of Captain America, Red Skull, Baron Zemo, and The Sleeper. The Cap and Red Skull spend their time, in clear view, at the top of the table throughout the gameplay, while The Sleeper and Zemo move in and out of view depending on the game mode activated.

Captain_America_table_screenshot007_800x450 The voice overs in this recent table are once again well done. Each character does a fine job at creating a believable Captain America experience, and the soundtrack molds the perfect atmosphere for the time period presented and the activated situations. The table knocks and dings actually sound like a true pinball table, but if you’ve played any other table, you already know the experience is top notch for a downloadable title.

Captain_America_table_screenshot017_800x450 As with Marvel Pinball, the multiplayer experience constantly compares your scores to your friends that have played the same tables, and will even show you stats for tables you may not have played. Constantly competing to be crowned at the top of your friends list is really put together in a seamless experience. With just this table alone, you will get hours of pinball goodness that will have you coming back for more, even after experiencing all the battles and scenarios this table has to offer. Don’t let that deter from playing any of the other tables, as they each have their own unique feel and playstyle.

Overall, Captain America ensures that Marvel Pinball continues to add great content to the series and keeps comic book fans happy. Fans of Captain America, especially in classic times, will enjoy what the table presents, while pinball enthusiasts will get yet another fresh take on what digital pinball can do for their hobby.

Title : Marvel Pinball: Captain America (DLC)
Format : XBLA (Also on PSN)
Developer : ZEN Studios
Publisher : ZEN Studios
Release Date : 06/28/11

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*ZEN Studios provided with a promo code for a review copy.