My girlfriend and I were sat playing LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean recently and I found myself becoming somewhat nostalgic over how many LEGO games there had been in the past and considering it’s a brand that has only been around for 6 years (the games that is), the LEGO “Insert Movie Title Here” franchise has become amazingly popular.

It has become something of a tradition for both my girlfriend and I, we will sit and play through the latest LEGO game together and we will revert to an almost childlike state, gone are the notions of completing the game as quickly as possible, the thrill of secret achievements mean nothing to us as we sit there, attacking little LEGO men with other little LEGO men.

It’s a wonderful feeling, reverting back to an innocent state of mind and with the number of people I know whom enjoy the LEGO games, it amazes me that more have not been made already.

So I got thinking, what else would make a good LEGO game? My personal picks would be the ones in this rundown, if you can think of a great idea that you think would make an awesome LEGO game, please let me know in the comments.

So the basic rules for my choices are that it either has to be a trilogy or series of movies (like the current games) or based on a well known superhero or superhero series. (no Green Arrow LEGO games)

LEGO Superman

Lego Superman What with the whole Superman franchise being utterly

plagued with The Superman Curse (it is a real thing…, I

feel that it’s about time that the Man of Steel got a

LEGO makeover, there are more than enough Superman

stories and villains from both the impressive collection

of comic books or the Christopher Reeve movie classics

that could easily rival LEGO: Batman for their depth.


LEGO Spiderman


Leading on from my LEGO: Superman train of thought, I feel Spiderman would be

another ideal candidate for a popular franchise that TT Games could recreate using

those wonderful little bricks, again with enough Spiderman stories and villains to give

the game quite a fair bit of depth.  Perhaps even using the offices of the Daily Bugle as a

game hub for the different levels.




Like so many LEGO bricks, the three pieces

that make up the  X-Men movie trilogy would

fit nicely into the LEGO franchise  of games.

With the diverse set of  characters each their

own set of abilities and skills to the fact you

could easily turn Professor X’s school into a

‘game hub’ it’s a wonder that this hasn’t already

been done


LEGO Matrix

lego-matrix-madness-300x225With its comedy undertones and its tongue in cheek

moments, the LEGO franchise would be right at

home with The Matrix movies. You can just imagine

…oh, wait *HUGE SPOILER ALERT* Neo taking

Trinity’s body completely off to shake the

bullet out on that rooftop.  Again, a trilogy of films

with a unique set of characters where they

could use the Nebuchadnezzar as the games main hub.

LEGO Die Hard


With the different locations, the massive stack of

possible objectives and the sheer mount of

destructible scenery on offer in the trilogy, the

Die Hard series seems like an obvious choice for

another LEGO game.





LEGO Back to the Future


With three different time periods to span three

different game world, each with their own backdrops,

puzzles and enemies, this fits nicely into the criteria

of ‘why hasn’t this been made into a LEGO game yet?’

And with the game hub as either Marty’s house or Dr

Browns workshop, you can imagine building the

Delorean out of Mini Kits

LEGO Lord of the Rings


This one is a bit of a no-brainer really.  Imagine how

cool it would be to have an unlockable LEGO Balrog

as a mount! Or be able to shock people (Darkside of the

Force style ala LEGO Star Wars) with Saruman the White.

The Shire could very easily be used as a game hub and

the stories could branch off from there.


These are just some of the games I thought would be great as members of the LEGO family and being a pretty big fan of the series I thought I would share these with you, if you can think of any, please let me know in the comments thread!