The summer of Arcade is once again upon our doorstep.  This summer, as with the last few, Microsoft will be releasing a group of games dubbed under the Summer of Arcade title.  These games are usually the creme of the crop for XBLA games.  If you are planning to buy all 5 titles, make sure to have 5,600 MSP($70) saved up!

As always there is a promotion tied into these games, and the details are below:

When you buy all five Summer of Arcade titles, you’ll receive a free copy of Crimson Alliance – valued at 1200 Microsoft Points! Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade September 7.


Date Title Price (MS Points)
July 20 Bastion 1200
July 27 From Dust 1200
August 3 Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 1200
August 10 Fruit Ninja Kinect 800
August 17 Toy Soldiers: Cold War 1200


Enjoy the Summer of Arcade trailer below:


Which are you looking forward to the most? Personally, I am very excited for From Dust!