E3 is almost upon us and, like every other gamer on the planet, we here at SlimGamer are excited.  Very excited.  We’re all hanging on the edge of our seats to see all of the news, the videos, the screenshots, and the extravagance.  But we haven’t just been sitting and waiting.  Everyone has put on their Nostradamus hats and come up with their own predictions for this year’s E3.

We’ve divided out predictions into 3 categories.  Predictions, where we (obviously) announce our predictions, Hopes, where we detail what we’d love to see at the show even if there is no actual basis in reality, and Most Excited For, which should be pretty obvious.


The main prediction on everyone’s lips at the moment has to be the Nintendo Wii 2, or to give it its correct codename: Project Café. It’s going to be genuinely fascinating to find out what direction Nintendo will take with their new hardware. Nintendo have always had a habit of being very non-competitive with their releases, using ‘less than new’ hardware and not using blockbuster graphics but still making their games accessible to everybody and taking video games in new directions and selling millions upon millions of units, first the Wii came out, the first current generation motion controller console, then they introduced the Wii Balance Board then Wii Sports Plus so it’s going to be great to see where they will take this new hardware.

Naturally, you would automatically assume that the new Nintendo console would come fitted for HD graphics, other than that it will be interesting to see what Nintendo do with the rumoured integrated HD screen in the controller, perhaps we will see a reinvention of the ‘on the go’ gaming that the Sega Dreamcast tried to inspire. It’s also highly likely that the recently announced Zelda game, Skyward Sword and the rumoured new Mario release will be pushed back onto the Project Café launch list, too.

In the other ‘big three’ camps, I think we will find Sony announcing a full detail list for their NGP (Next Generation Portable), including price, launch line up and (hopefully) a different name that doesn’t make me think of the Neo Geo Pocket every time I hear it. Who thinks there’s going to be a Wipeout game on it, eh?

Other than that and possibly some more Move titles, I don’t see Sony making too much noise this year at E3. With the ‘Playstation 4’ not “even at the half way point” according to Sony Computer Entertainment boss, Kaz Hirai, it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything on this for another year or so yet.

Microsoft will most likely release a wave of new Kinect software, trying to cater to the ‘hardcore’ market instead of the ‘casual/family’ scene.
There’s also the possibility that the ‘free to play’ games could make their way to Xbox Live, the infrastructure must already be there as the Kinect title Joy Ride was touted as a free to play game when it was first announced.

Chances are that Microsoft will announce something along the line of the ‘Kinect 2.0’ which will be more of an overhaul of the devices firmware rather than actual new hardware, possibly to include detailed hand gestures and more precise gaming.

Personally, I don’t own a PS3 but I would like to hope that Sony will hold their hands up and apologize for the recent PSN outage fiasco and possibly address their future security plans in one of the more technical presentations during E3.
I really hope that Valve Software, despite stating in a press release recently that they will be a ‘no-show’ at this years E3, will make a surprise appearance and announce a new game…or better yet, actual details about Half Life 2: Episode 3.

Though this rumour has been flying around for a while now and I am hesitant to say I ‘hope’ this happens, I think it would be great if we got some more information about the Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake.

Hot off of the heels of the success of L.A Noire, it would be fantastic if Rockstar appeared at E3 with either solid details or even a trailer of their latest Grand Theft Auto game, GTA5.

I also hope that Lionhead Studios announce something new, preferably something without quite so much emphasis on hand-holding this time.

Most Excited for:
Personally, I’m really looking forward to anything new regarding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and also waiting to find out more information about Nintendo’s new console! I’ll be tuning into any and all webcasts from E3 just like last year!


The number one thing to talk about for this E3is of course Nintendo’s new HD console, or “project café”. There has been much speculation up to this point, but there has been almost no actual information released. This makes Nintendos conference the most anticipated of the big three, and Nintendo has a great opportunity to absolutely steal the show here.They will obviously unveil the new console, but they need game support for it.I think that they will have a lineup already in place at this point, trying to correct past launch mistakes. I could see Zelda making a debut and maybe even another Kid Icarus game on top of Uprising, if Nintendo is feeling ambitious.However, Nintendo also needs to show strong support for the 3DS which had a rough launch. Ocarinas close release will help, but I think we can expect to see Mario 3DS in action, MGS 3 in action, and probably some exclusive reveals as well.

By the sounds of things you would think Nintendo is guaranteed to dominate, but I feel like Microsoft has something big lying in wait. Sony on the other hand doesn’t need to concentrate on stealing the show; they need to concentrate on winning back their fans. I think Sony will start their conference with an apology to everyone and a description of new security measure being put in place (that would be smart at least). After that Sony needs to bring us some exciting game announcements, with the PSP remastered series I think some God of War news is inbound. Games like Uncharted 3 and Dark Souls should show strong support for the PS3. Sony’s main focus however will be onthe NGP, bringing us much needed details about us and announcing a full catalogue of game support.

On Microsoft’s front, like I said I feel they have something big up their sleeve. Star Wars Kinect has the possibility to wow, and we should also get to see a lot of support for the Kinect. If all of the hints add up, we can expect some form of Halo announcement for the show.

I just want to touch on the games front quickly. Rockstar should have something to announce at the show most likely, and you can probably expect Blizzard there considering all of the recent Heart of the Swarm leaks. I think Square Enix may finally give us a release date for vs XIII and there has to be some kind of Kingdom Hearts announcement coming. I’m going to take a big chance here, and say that Valve has something big to announce. Though they said there won’t be a valve booth at the show, that doesn’t mean they can’t make an announcement. I don’t want to go too far and say it will be Half-Life related but I do think Valve has something incoming

There’s a lot I can hope for at E3. Half-Life 3 would be among them, as unlikely as it might be. I would love to see the big 3 each have fantastic game announcement that really excite people. At Nintendo, what I would really love to see now is an announcement for a Majoras Mask remake on the 3DS. Considering they have Ocarina completed at this point, it doesn’t seem like it would be a ton of work to get it done now. I would also like to see some real support for Kinect, and some games that gamers care about. The NGP is another point of interest for me, at this point I’m not sure if I want one and Sony really needs to get me excited about their new handheld. E3 is an exciting time and there are too many hopes to cover in a short time, but what I want more than anything is surprises. It would also be nice to see Lionhead Studios make a return with a new project, plus I never get tired of seeing good old Peter Molyneux. Even if he does oversell things.

Most Excited for:
Like everyone else, I’m excited to see exactly what ”ProjectCafé” is, and I’m really looking forward to Nintendos conference. As excited as I am for the hardware that the big three will show off, the best part of E3 is the games and there’s a lot of those at this E3. Among the ones I’m most excited to see are; Ninja Gaiden 3,Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Assassins Creed Revelations.Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, I’m really looking forward to seeing in action. The other announcement that really excites me is that CDProjekt (the makers of the Witcher 1&2), have something console related to announce. Even if it just ends up being The Witcher 2 for consoles that would still really excite me.There are so many great games to be shown off at this E3, the excitement is overwhelming. In the past few years E3 just seems to get better and better each year, and I’m hoping that this E3 won’t disappoint. I plan to be watching as many live streams from E3 as I possibly can this year, and I am looking forward to it as much as I always do.


I’ll start with the low hanging fruit and say console reveals. We have two consoles set to be shown at this E3: Nintendo’s new Project Cafe and the Playstation Vita, Sony’s new handheld. Sony definitely has games lined to show us (screenshots exist of Uncharted, Wipeout, and others) and will do so at their conference. Nintendo I’m a bit more iffy on. I think they’ll show us the actual hardware and give us some tech specs, but not show any actual games and instead just tech demos or screenshots and ensure us that Mario and Link and the gang will be coming. Oh, and I expect Skyward Sword to receive a dual release on both Cafe and Wii, much like Twilight Princess did a generation before. I’m expecting a release date to be announced for the Vita (I’m guessing this fall), but not for the Cafe.
That leaves Microsoft as the only major player without any hardware to reveal, and if they do have something up their sleeve I’ll be very surprised. Instead, I predict Microsoft’s conference is going to be about two main things: Kinect software and new dashboard features. Every single year Microsoft introduces new features to the Xbox 360 dashboard and this year will be no different. Skype is going to be the main feature, I predict, due to Microsoft’s recent purchase of the company.

Then we have Kinect software. Kinect seems to be Microsoft’s main platform now, so a majority of their conference will be focused on new titles coming to Kinect. My prediction is that the main game is going to be the long rumoured Gears of War rail shooter.

Finally, Microsoft is going to show the same games they did last year (GoW3, Codename: Kingdoms, etc.) but also reveal what 343 Industries has been working on. If I had to guess, I’d say a remake of the first Halo game set for release in the fall or early 2012.

Moving on, we have Nintendo. I’m predicting a long showing of Zelda: Skyward Sword as well as playable demos on the floor. Then we’ll get a big presentation of new 3DS projects, including both Zelda and Starfox. I’m also expecting a new Kirby game (as well as a localization of the latest DS Kirby game) an announcement of the third game in the Black/White Pokemon series or remake of the Ruby/Sapphire era, and a Final Fantasy remake by Square Enix. Other third parties are going to have a lot to show for the system as well, but I have no guesses beyond what we know about already.

This E3 is also where the Wii is going to give it’s final hurrah. I’m guessing we’ll get announcements that Nintendo is localing The Last Story and Xenoblade, and possibly even Pandora’s Tower. Then we’ll get the big news, which will be video of Dragon Quest X. It’ll be a very RPG heavy conference, I’m guessing.

Finally, we have Sony. Beyond their own efforts for the Vita, I’m guessing we’ll see Capcom announce a new game in their hit series Monster Hunter. Of course, NAmco will also have a Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer ready for launch just like they do with seemingly every new console.

Now the PS3 announcements are what I’m most unsure about. For sure we’ll see Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal, but I have no idea what else they’ll show. I’m sure they have a lot up their sleeve, I just don’t know what it is. But i do expect another awesome Kevin Butler speech, lots of graphs, and a lengthy and hopefully humorous talk about the PSN.

F-Zero 3D. Oh please let Nintendo show F-Zero 3D.

I hope Retro Stuidos shows something awesome, whatever it may be.

Team ICO Collection, since both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were two of the best games of last generation and would both benefit from and HD upgrade. In fact, I hope there’s a few more HD collections shown off since I can’t seem to ever get enough of them.

Even though I don’t expect to see any actual in game footage for any Project Cafe game, I can still hope. And while we’re at it, I hope for some kind of messaging system for the 3DS even though I know I’m reaching with that one.

I hope both Microsoft and Nintendo will both makes jokes about Sony’s PSN mishap, not due to any hostilities, but just because it has the potential to be comedy gold.

I hope we see a lot more of Mass Effect 3 and Darksiders 2, the sequels to my two favorite games of last year.

Know what, let’s throw Half-Life 2: Episode 3 into the mix as well. I know Valve isn’t even going to be at E3, but I like the live in a world of delusion.

Most Excited For:
I play videogames, a lot of videogames, and have become pretty platform agnostic over the years. But deep, deep down I’m a raging Nintendo fanboy. I may not play my Wii all that much anymore, but the big N is always the one that excites me the most. So it should come as no surprise that Project Cafe is at the very top of my mind heading into E3. New consoles are always the highlight of any E3, and a new Nintendo console is what dreams are made of.

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Dann Scheid

Of course one of the most anticipated announcements for E3 is going to be Project Cafe and how exactly Nintendo is going to present it. I remember a lot of controversy from the Wii debut but this time everything seems much more positive. Perhaps its due to Cafe being seemingly a more “safe” approach to gaming than the Wii is.

I see Sony hesitant to go into detail about the recent PSN outage, which has ended up being the BP oil spill of gaming. It may be mentioned but the company is surely looking forward, and what better way to show that then with their new handheld? The Sony Vita is shaping up to be one powerful portable beast but I think it’s still a little too far off on the horizon at the moment. A lot of announcements have been made about PS2 and PSP games being remastered for the PS3 and honestly I’m half excited about that.

It might seem like a desperate means of beefing up their library of games, but Sony knows that there are a handful of PSP titles that can find new life in HD. I expect them to be all about that.

Microsoft has been the most tight lipped about their E3 offerings this year, at least from my point of view. I’m going to bet that they run a bit further with Kinect but I can’t honestly say anything else about what they may announce.


I’m hoping Nintendo really blows the doors down. The 3DS had an amazing unveiling and sadly the launch didn’t really live up to that for most gamers. Hopefully the 3DS gets much more support from Nintendo.

I’m also hoping some of my favorite games for PSP are ported to PS3. I never really bothered with Sony’s handheld, and the PSP-GO was like a classic Scooby Doo monster, scaring away any customers so it could keep all those cool titles all to itself.
I’m also very interested in the price point of the new Sony Vita, it certainly is a powerful handheld but who can afford it? I am a bit worried that with 3G and Wifi only models in the works we may be looking at a price style similar to the iPad, and I just don’t want to think about that…

Most excited for:

Nintendo, it seems like unless something goes horribly casual in their presentation we might be looking at a very solid show from them. As much as this year seems to be all about hardware from the big N let’s not forget that they design some of the best games around, and I can’t wait to see what kind of software they are developing.

I never embraced the PSP and now that it’s top titles might all be jumping ship to PS3, it’s going to take something big to win me over on the Vita. I want to like this system but I haven’t heard anything that makes me want to hand my wallet over to Sony just yet. Hopefully some E3 details will finally sell me on the system.

Right or wrong, we’re going to be in for a hell of a wild ride over the next few days.  Those are our predictions for this year’s E3.  Now show us yours.