Sony has recently announced a new project of theirs, to remaster a multitude of PSP games on the PS3 with HD graphics among other upgrades. If you’re worried about Sony just releasing a series of lackluster ports, this information may help. Sony is promising, in addition to upgraded visuals, a wealth of added content to each game that they will remaster. In addition, there will also be brand new control schemes for the PS3, stereoscopic 3D support, and ad-hoc multiplayer for certain games. Interestingly enough, save files from both versions of the game can be exchanged allowing you take up where you left off when you leave the house.

At this point, the remastered series has only been announced for Japan, and only one game is known so far. The first game to get the treatment is the wildly popular Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Even without an announcement for America, it is hard to imagine they wouldn’t bring it over in some respect. After all, there are all those rumors about God of War Portable HD games. Could this be what those rumors are possibly hinting at?