Battles of Ardania and Monster Kingdom are two separate pieces of dlc for Majesty 2 that released on the same day of March 9th. Both turn out to be fine additions to Majesty 2 although one does turn out to be the better.

Battles of Ardania

Battles of Ardania one of the two new packs for Majesty 2 adds on a brand new campaign, new monsters, and four new multiplayer maps. Priced at only $4.99, like Kingmaker, Battles of Ardania turns out to be a pretty good deal.


The campaign takes up right where Kingmaker left off. Peace has settled on the kingdom, and indeed things are starting to become a tad boring now as the Advisor describes. And so a hunt starts, a hunt where the game is a werewolf and unsurprisingly from that hunt a new menace springs up to threaten the kingdom. The campaign adds on 8 new levels and will take a good few hours to work through. Like the previous Majesty 2 installments, the story is fantastic but does well enough. Also like the previous entries is the humor and writing, which still remains top notch.

Gameplay remains exactly the same as before, with only a few new enemies to battle. I was happy to find that this time around you start the game with all of your relic powers, unlike in Kingmaker. Heroes, flags, and upgrades, everything you do is the same just working towards new objectives.

Also the same is the music and sound, and the graphics too. But that doesn’t really matter; the point of dlc isn’t to drastically change things.

The four new multiplayer maps are fun, if you play multiplayer and can find anyone to play them with you that is. Two of the new maps are co-op while the other two are regular.

Battles of Ardania keeps the same wit and charm Majesty is known for, while adding on another interesting campaign to play through. For only $4.99, if you own Majesty 2, this is another dlc that you shouldn’t miss.

Monster Kingdom

Monster Kingdom is the largest of the three dlc packs released for Majesty 2. It creates an entirely new race to play in the game, known as the monster race. This race is what the campaign focuses on, however the monster race can also be used in multiplayer as well.

Monster Kingdom’s campaign adds on ten new missions, two more than both Kingmaker and Battles of Ardania had. The story takes place after Battles of Ardania, with Your Highness being overthrown by your subjects. The royal advisor barely manages to get you to safety and from there you must find new allies to help you retake Ardania. These allies turn out to be the very monsters you fought before. This story actually turns out to be the most interesting of all the Majesty 2 entries and was definitely my favorite to play through. I probably don’t need to say it, but yes, the humor remains just as good as ever.

The real addition that Monster Kingdom makes is of course, the new race. While not entirely different from what you played before, the monster race does have some minor differences to it. Buildings and upgrades are virtually the same thing as before, with the only difference being in how they look. The real difference of the new race is in its heroes. Though the heroes fulfill the same basic roles of warriors, rogues and the like, they do function differently. Heroes for the monster kingdoms have different strengths, and different upgrades for each of them. In addition instead of building temples for each class of hero to upgrade them, you can build one base temple to Grum-Gog. This temple allows you to hire two advanced heroes, but they can come from any of your hero buildings, like the goblin archer’s guild, or the ratmans guild. This new monster race is actually a lot of fun to play, and the minor tweaks do make the race feel distinct.

Sound remains unchanged, and as good as the music is, I do find it becoming slightly annoying after hearing it through one game and two dlc packs. Even with this complaint, the sound gets the job done like always.

The graphics remain pretty much the same, but that’s not really a complaint since they still remain pretty decent.

Both dlc packs, Battles of Ardania and Monster Kingdom, are well worth the $4.99 price tag on them. They each add on a fun new campaign and a few other bonuses. If you had to pick one though, Monster Kingdom would definitely be the one to go with. The best way to buy them though would be the newly released Majesty 2 Complete on Steam. If you haven’t experienced Majesty 2 and are a fan of strategy games, do yourself a favor and pick it up, after all it is only $20 for a great game and three great expansion packs.

Title : Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania
Format : PC
Developer : 1C:InoCo
Publisher : Paradox Interactive
Release Date : 03/09/11

Title : Majesty 2: Monster Kingdom
Format : PC
Developer : 1C:InoCo
Publisher : Paradox Interactive
Release Date : 03/09/11

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*Paradox Interactive provided with  promo codes for a review copy.