Kingmaker is the first expansion to Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Simulator. For this expansion, all of the gameplay systems remain unchanged; however, you get the addition of a brand new campaign to play, as well as a level editor.

All of the systems remain the same in Kingmaker. You still hire heroes, place buildings, and set flags to encourage your heroes to do what you want them to. As long as you don’t find the gameplay boring, it is fine that everything remains unchanged. Luckily, you start out with all of your buildings at the beginning of the campaign, which means that things go a little faster than they did at the beginning of the main game. 02__Majesty2_Kingmaker_800x624 However, you do not still have your relic powers that you can use to do things like increase the income of gold for a short amount of time. The only change you can expect is the addition of new monsters. Things like spear wielding goblins now besiege your town, and the new monsters really turn out to be a thorn in your side at some points.

The new campaign takes place after the main story of Majesty 2, with a new goblin threat attacking your kingdom. You have to defend Ardania against this threat and unravel mysteries around one Lord Blackviper and the God of Plague. The story is actually a tad more interesting than the main one and adds on eight new levels to play. It is still not something you play exclusively for the story but it’s still nice to have a little more. Like the original game, the missions are varied and all of them are a joy to play.

Graphics and sound remain virtually unchanged, with of course the exception of the new monsters and scenarios. Music is still unfortunately scarce in the game as good as it is. The royal advisor makes a return as well and is just as hilarious as ever.


The other sizeable addition to Kingmaker is, of course, the level editor. This gives players a mission’s creator toolset, allowing them to create their own missions to play through. It is not the most advanced editor, but if you are interested in making your own missions it can give you a good bit of entertainment. Multiplayer is also still present like in the original, it’s not the main focus however.

Kingmaker adds on a sizeable campaign and a decent level editor for you to mess around with. The charm of the original Majesty 2 shines through just as strong as ever. For only $5, Kingmaker is an addition that you shouldn’t miss if you enjoyed the original Majesty 2. Of course the real deal would be to pick up the newly released Majesty 2 Collection on Steam for only $20.


Title : Majesty 2: Kingmaker
Format : PC
Developer : 1C:InoCo
Publisher : Paradox Interactive
Release Date : 05/24/10

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*Paradox Interactive provided with a promo code for a review copy.