If there wasn’t much to say about Magicka: Vietnam, there is even less to say about Marshlands. The newest addition to Magicka adds on two more challenges in a brand new challenge environment. As you may have guessed from the title this is indeed a marsh.

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The challenges pit you against 20 waves of zombies and the like, and it also introduces new entry points for enemies. Just to recap on Magicka, you control your character with the left click and using your mouse. There are eight elements, each assigned to a different key, that you use to murder waves of enemies with your friends. Like the regular game, the challenge modes are best played with friends, because alone they are impossibly hard.

At $2.99, the price for Marshlands is cheap, but there isn’t much content here to play with. Pretty much the same rule applies that did with Vietnam, if you are a big fan of Magicka go ahead and pick this up, but for everyone else, you can pass.

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Title : Magicka: Marshlands
Format : PC
Developer : Arrowhead Game Studios
Publisher : Paradox Interactive
Release Date : 04/26/11

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