There really isn’t much to say about Magicka: Vietnam, it’s a very short expansion that’s a strange idea in the first place. The dlc adds on two challenge levels, a new character to use, and a new spell that grants the ability to call in a napalm strike, and an array of new Vietnam era weapons to use. Even though its only five dollars, it still seems a little too high of a price for such a paltry add-on.

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The Magicka formula stays almost exactly the same, with the only change being your ability to use projectile weapons, which actually makes the game quite a bit easier except for the Vietnam maps where enemies have the same kind of weapons. You still use the same controls, with the eight elements assigned to their different keys.

The two levels that the expansion adds on are a bit longer than most of the other levels in Magicka. One is a survival map pitting you against endless waves of Vietnam themed enemies; the other is an extensive map that puts you on a mission behind enemy lines. Like the main game, these are really only fun when you play it with other people. The napalm strike is cool, but in the end you won’t use it very much. Also like the original game Magicka Vietnam is rife with parodies, only this time instead of fantasy they are parodying things like Rambo.

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The new music of the dlc turns out to be one of the better aspects. There are only a couple of new additions, but they really set the tone for the new missions.

I have to wonder why Arrowhead really felt the need to make this dlc. It is fun, but it’s just feels like a strange addition. The new missions are fun, and the new mage wearing his GI outfit turned out to be my favorite character, but to me it didn’t seem worth the five dollars that it costs. With so much quality dlc out there for other games for a comparable price I think your money could be better spent elsewhere, but if you are a big fan of Magicka go ahead and pick it up.


Title : Magicka: Vietnam
Format : PC
Developer : Arrowhead Game Studios
Publisher : Paradox Interactive
Release Date : 04/12/11

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*Paradox Interactive provided with a promo code for a review copy.