For more than a week now, Sony’s online service Playstation Network has been down. With the free to use online gaming network out of commission, Playstation 3 owners can no longer play online or access certain games that require an Internet connection. Sony has confirmed that the outage is due to an external intrusion and that user information including login passwords and credit card information has been compromised.

Needless to say this is all a result of a series of mistakes on Sony’s part, especially poorly communicating with its customers. The situation would have been simply an inconvenience days ago, now it’s a full on debacle. Sony only announced today that personal information has been stolen from countless PlayStation users. At this point, those external intruders, Sony is blaming for all of this, have had days to compile and take advantage of that information.

Sony has advised that Playstation Network users change their passwords and other information in order to prevent any further incidents of identity theft.

The outage has been thoroughly documented and reported, and many gamers are very vocal about their disdain for the whole situation and how Sony is handling it. United States senator Richard Blumenthal wrote to Sony saying that he is “troubled” by the situation, (Although it could be called into question whether or not there are more troubling issues that deserve a senators attention. Short answer: Definitely.)

Many Sony customers are expecting to see some sort of compensation for this inconvenience while others are citing the old adage “You get what you pay for” when dealing with this free network.

Sony claims that they are working around the clock to bring the Playstation Network back online, but the clock is ticking and as of today Sony missed their usual weekly update to the Playstation digital store.

Is this outage Sony’s fault? What if anything do they owe Playstation customers?


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