Konami kicks it into high gear with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. PES 2011 crams a lot of content into one cartridge and is sure to please soccer fans who expect a fine level of attention paid to every last detail.

image2011_0223_1057_0Featuring 60 National teams and 170 Club teams, players have a wide variety of match ups possible. Konami recorded over one hundred hours of motion capture in order to bring these teams to life, and while they move fluidly and each athlete is represented faithfully, this effort is no comparison to watching an actual match.

Another area that the game gives and takes with is presentation. Peppered throughout each match are lengthy and emotive cut scenes for the start of every match and whenever a team makes a goal. Play by play commentary is also included and provides a colorful background to every match. The main menu and pause screen take little advantage of 3D, in fact only the gameplay itself really makes use of the 3DS’s most pronounced feature.

image2011_0221_2031_0PES 2011 uses the 3D to introduce a level of distance to the field. Now it is much easier for players to judge how far away they are from the ball, other players, and the goal. This key feature is vital to deciding on strategies and navigating the field like a pro.

The game features a simple exhibition mode, champion league and master league mode, (the latter allowing you to hand pick the perfect players and build an unstoppable team,) and of course a wireless multiplayer mode. PES 2011 uses the 3DS’s Street Pass function to quickly pit master league teams against one another while you pass other football hooligans in public.

The 3DS’s bottom touch screen is used as a means to communicate field strategies to your supporting teammates, and serves as a simple and effective way to quickly take control of each match.

Controls for PES 2011 take a bit to get used to especially if you aren’t a veteran of the series. The shoot button is difficult to use at first, and without a tested understanding of the shooting gage, players will find themselves repeatedly overshooting the goal.

image2011_0223_1038_0The game offers a wide range of difficulty settings, so even if you aren’t a soccer expert or if you constantly correct anyone who doesn’t refer to the sport as football, there is an even ground for you to play on.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D tackles the task of making the sport as portable as possible. Matches can be set to run a total of five minutes, without overtime, to facilitate playing while in transit or a quick game while waiting. Of course games can be set to be full-length bouts that emulate the actual sport, for those of us who have time to kill or play at home.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D is a jam-packed Soccer game for Nintendo 3DS, featuring 196 teams, distinct play modes and a wealth of customization and options. There is more than enough to entertain casual and hardcore soccer fans on the go alike.

Title : PES 2011 3D
Format : 3DS
Developer : Konami
Publisher : Konami
Release Date : 03/27/11

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*Konami provided SlimGamer.com with a review copy.