With just a short wait left before the launch of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs on April 19, 2011, Sony released a brand new video giving anxious fans a sneak peek behind the scenes at the single player campaign. The Playstation-exclusive shooter is packing quite a punch with stereoscopic 3D in high resolution, Playstation Move support, and, of course, both a feature-rich single player campaign and its fan-favorite multiplayer.


The single player campaign will take players on an adventure through the eyes of a NATO operations commander trapped by the clutches of civil war in South East Asia. You’ll get to live the full experience of not only his story, but also that of his entire squad. The freedom to decide how each mission gets completed will vary from player to player, and is what will set apart this title from your average everyday shooter. Check out the behind the scenes video below :