Capcom of Japan announced that the upcoming PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade megaman_universetitle Megaman Universe is officially cancelled. The downloadable game would have allowed players across the globe to create and share their own Megaman themed levels, much like Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet.


In Capcom’s press release they say that the game was cancelled due to “various circumstances.” And truth be told there are many possible reasons as to why production was halted, such as the recent earthquakes that struck Japan earlier this month, or some connection to Megaman creator Keiji Inafune resigned from Capcom last October.

To many dedicated Megaman fans, this news comes as a disappointment. Megaman megamanUniverse was built initially as homage to the classic Megaman 2, and was initially planned to include the fan favorite game as well as a slew of new levels, and many customizable characters hailing from many different Capcom games.

Capcom apologizes to those who were looking forward to the game as well as those who were involved with the production.

Still hyped by the games exciting announcement trailer from last fall, many fans will always wonder what could have been.