Microsoft is looking for testers for a new kind of game discs for Xbox 360. A “highly placed” source says to Euro Gamer’s Digital Foundry blog that it would be a disc with a larger storage capacity.

Where a standard dual-layer DVD has a storage capacity of 7.95 gigabytes, the current Xbox 360 discs only have 6.8 gigabytes of data available for games, says Digital Foundry. The remaining gigabytes are reserved for video and contain a number of areas for piracy solutions. On the new disc partition, this video storage area is drastically reduced or completely removed for game developers to offer more space.

Although it is not confirmed that Microsoft is working on a larger disc, it is certain that the company will be testing the new discs. U.S. Xbox 360 owners can apply for a preview program. Once several thousand players are selected, they will receive Halo: Reach, probably on the new disc, and an update for their consoles.