“Take a bow, Team Fortress 2 community, which is an amazing amount of  dedicated group of gamers for people who really need it, When someone says something negative about gamers, refer them to this post. Because here’s the latest: they are mistaken, and gamers are generous and cool”.  So says Valve on their blog.

For those who don’t know what this is about, Valve has made some items for your character in Team Fortress 2 to support Japan and has raised $300,000 so far.  The virtual items that were introduced last week, can be worn by all characters in the game.  The items you can buy for your character are the Humanitarian’s Hachimaki which costs $7.99, the Benefactor’s Kanmuri is $19.99, and the Magnanimous monarch is sold for $99.99.  The items are for sale until April 6.