tiny-wings-576x280Everyone once in a while an App game comes out that is simply a must have for any iPhone iTouch or iPad owner. Tiny Wings is one of those games. It’s known throughout the Twitterverse as “Next Angry Birds.” And that just may ring true for this simple but addictive game.

In Tiny Wings you control a bird with, you guessed it: Tiny Wings. Unable to fly in a traditional sense, the bird still dreams of touching the clouds. As you’ll find out this bird is very motivated.

tiny-wings-for-iPhoneThankfully this bird lives in a world riddled with hilly islands, and as each day begins the bird attempts to reach for the sky. As the bird crawls up and down each hill players can tap the screen to make the bird fold it’s wings and slide down steep hills. Release your finger from the screen at the edge and the bird opens it’s wings and will soar through the air and onto the next island.

The gameplay revolves around momentum, sliding downhill and riding inclines into the sky. Once players master this mechanic it’s easy to hop from island to island. Each game ends when the sun sets and nightfall stops the bird dead in its tracks. Players can chase the sun to gain more time, and grab blue speed boosts for a quick launch.

Tiny Wings uses a combo score system, as players are sliding and flying they collect Tiny-Wings-4yellow orbs for points, gathering more points at once will multiply the points for an even higher score. While the score resets every time the sun goes down, the multiplayer does not, so the more you play the higher scores you will end up getting.

There are also hidden tricks to getting a point boost, such as playing with the screen held upside down.

The hillside levels are colorful and vibrant, and the music is ambient and catchy. The overall presentation of Tiny Wings is minimalist and inviting.

Tiny Wings is a simple and addictive game for the Apple App Store. It may not be packed with features but the more you play the longer each session can last, (if your fast enough.) For only a dollar it’s a great value and if anything worth a shot. This game will keep your head in the clouds and glued to your screen for hours on end.

Title : Tiny Wings
Format : iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer : Andreas Illiger
Publisher : Andreas Illiger
Release Date (Last Update) : 03/25/11

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