Xbox has a new way to get support.  Yes you can still call official support at 1-800-4-MyXbox, and yes you can still contact official support on twitter via @XboxSupport, but now there is also a 3rd option, you can ask a question via chat.  The new support program from Microsoft uses their community to help answer questions that users may have.


Xbox Community Xperts program is a group of community experts who can answer questions about Xbox.  When you go to start a support session with an Xpert it has you type out a question.  Within a minute you get connected to a community expert.  This is not Official Support, but you can get a qucik response here faster then waiting on the phone, or via the support forms.  The Xperts helping out can not do any administrative work, but can always point you in the right direction to get it fixed asap.



Once you are done talking with the community Xpert you are asked to rate them, depending on how well they helped.  It seems that this is a checks and balances to make sure everyone helping, is actually helping.  Because of this, I would recommend that you rate your Xpert accordingly, so the ones that really do help, rise to the top.


Feel free to trial out the Xbox Community Xperts [BETA] program now at