Zombie Football Carnage’s name confuses me, for the whole time I played it I never encountered any zombies to my knowledge. Its impossible to tell what your character is since he is completely covered in his football equipment. Even with the lack of zombies, enemies in the game range from flying lamp fish to robots. Regardless of its confusing name however, I was surprised by what a fun game Zombie Football Carnage actually is. Like most indie games, it is a short endeavor but Milkstone Studios has made  it an enjoyable one nonetheless.

You control your character in his football gear and the whole point is to survive hoards of enemies that attack you. You use your football to damage and kill enemies, along with a few other moves like dash and charge attacks as well as power-ups that have various effects. For example, a teddy bear attached to a balloon that distracts all the enemies from you. The controls in the game work as well as they should. You dodge enemies attacks, and mash on the X button to destroy enemies. The other buttons are assigned to different things, the A button is your dash and charge attacks while the B and Y buttons are used for the various power-ups.  The game is on a basic square field with nothing else too exciting about it, there are a few different fields but the only difference is the setting and background. Its simple enough, but much more fun than it sounds like.


The game has a pretty interesting look to it. All the characters are 2D models on the 3D environments, so it does a good job of giving the characters that extra pop on the screen. The enemies are all pretty unique and some are actually look pretty cool. Sound effects are decent, nothing more than serving their purpose. However, music is few and far between. There are really only a couple different songs, but the main theme(that you hear most of the time) is good enough that you will enjoy listening to it for the amount of time that you would play this game.

Zombie Football Carnage is definitely a difficult game. Waves of enemies attack you with you trying to hold them off for as long as you can before your life gauge is depleted. The waves that appear are random, so you never know what is going to be coming next and some of the waves are really difficult to deal with. Something that helps with the difficulty is the ability to purchase upgrades such as increased armor or damage that your football does. After you get a few upgrades under your belt, the difficulty will be bearable although still quite a fun and decent challenge.

Something interesting that I found with Zombie Football Carnage, is the inclusion of awards. Seeing as indie games aren’t accompanied by achievements, it was nice to have some awards to work towards. These as well as the inclusion of leader boards definitely add on to the play time you have with this game and allow you to compete with friends.


Zombie Football Carnage may not be the best indie game out there, but the challenge and multiple awards will keep you playing for longer than your average indie game. Its well worth the $1 it costs, and is a fun distraction for at least a few hours.

Title : Zombie Football Carnage
Format : XBLIG
Developer : Milkstone Studios
Publisher : Milkstone Studios
Release Date : 02/18/11

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