Infinity Danger is the latest game released by Milkstone Studios to the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace. It is a “shoot ‘em up” game based on the style of Ikaruga or the 2003 computer game Warning Forever, as sited by the development team.

There are no small enemies for you to battle in Infinity Danger. Oh no. You fight bosses, and only bosses, throughout the game. As you progress through the game the boss ships become stronger and stronger, until eventually you’ll be swallowed up by a screen full of projectiles. So the object of the game is to get the highest score possible before this happens over and over again, and your time expires.


There is no life bar, or number of lives in Infinity Danger. A timer is all you have, and it is the key to everything. The game is over when the timer expires. So your main goal is to keep that from happening. The game starts with 150 seconds on the clock. As you destroy small parts of the enemy you get a few seconds back here and there, and when you destroy the entire ship you get a 20 second bonus between rounds. Every time you are hit and your ship explodes you lose 10 seconds. These 10 seconds will add up very quickly in the later levels, and you can just watch your timer melt away to nothing. So if getting to the top the leaderboards is a concern, you have to defeat the boss ships as quickly as you can.


Infinity Danger’s graphics and sound are good enough. Things can go very badly with a “shoot ‘em up” and bad graphics. Milkstone Studios handled the issue very well. There isn’t very much to the sound though. What few sounds there are sound good enough. Aside from the usual “bang” and “boom” of shooters, and there’s only a couple of actual songs you’ll hear while playing the game.

You only have one weapon in the game, but it’s surprisingly balanced and fun to play with. Being sort of a machine/spread gun, you can adjust the spread of the bullets to expand them out to take down multiple targets, or narrow them down to focus on one area of your enemy. This was a fun and effective mechanic to include in the game.

An interesting inclusion to Infinity Danger is the Awards. Since Indie games do not have achievements, Milkstone Studios included these awards to give you goals to strive for as you progress through the game. They do not have an impact on the gameplay. For example, you have to destroy 1,000 turrets to receive the “Turret Hell” award. It’s just a good example of how, if Microsoft would allow it, Indie games could incorporate achievements into their gameplay.


Overall Infinity Danger plays very well, especially in comparison to some other Indie games you may try out. It’s fast paced, and is definitely one of the better looking Indie games on the marketplace now. It suffers with variety and replay value, since when your game is over and you restart, you start at the easy ships and work your way back up to where you left off. It’s still a fun game that can be thrown in for a quick game before work or class, play a few games, and turn it off no harm no foul.

Title : Infinity Danger
Format : XBLIG
Developer : Milkstone Studios
Publisher : Milkstone Studios
Release Date : 03/22/11

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*MilkStone Studios provided with a promo code for a review copy.